Brother 895-PC7500-ESi2 Sewing Machine Service-Parts Manual


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Brother 895-PC7500-ESi2 Sewing Machine Service-Parts Manual.

Examples include:
* Principal Mechanisms.
* Power transmission chart.
* Electronic parts arrangement chart.
* Control system block diagram.
* Main motor control.
* Pattern generator.
* Automatic thread tension.
* Disassembling and reassembling the sewing machine.
* Lead wire arrangement.
* How to adjust mechanical elements.
* Setting the test mode.
* Tension of motor belt and timing belt.
* Timing of needle bar and feeding mechanism.
* Position of N.P. (needle position) shutter.
* Timing of needle and rotary hook.
* Bobbin winder.
* Needle threader.
* Inner rotary hook bracket position.

101 page Service manual with parts numbers and diagrams.

Models: 895, PC7500, ESi2

This is a Service and Parts manual. If you need an instruction manual, please visit our shop.