Brother VX Series Sewing Machine Service Manual


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Brother VX Series Sewing Machine Service Manual.

Model numbers covered by this manual are
VX511, VX541, VX561, VX581 (Free arm sewing machine)
VX611, VX641, VX661, VX681
VX710, VX720, VX740, VX760, VX780
VX516, VX546, VX566, VX586 (Flat bed sewing machine)
VX616, VX646, VX666, VX686

Included in this manual:

* Troubles and check points.
* How to adjust the elements.
* Sewing timing of the needle.
* Needle swing in straight stitch sewing.
* Setting of maximum stitch width.
* Clearance between cam finger and pattern cam.
* Setting of upper thread tension dial.
* Adjustment of feed dog movement at buttonhole sewing.
* Adjusting of the drive belts.
* Much more.

28 page manual.

Languages: English