Elna 620 eXperience Sewing Machine Service-Parts Manual


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Elna 620 eXperience Sewing Machine Service-Parts Manual.

Examples include:
* Adjusting presser foot height and alignment.
* Needle drop position alignment.
* Adjusting hook timing.
* Zigzag synchronization.
* Needle thread tension.
* Connector diagram.
* Self diagnostic test.
* Adjusting buttonhole lever position.
* How to remove the bed cover.
* Oiling.
* How to replace:
* Motor and adjusting motor belt tension.
* The transformer.
* Circuit boards “A”, “K”, and “F”.
* Machine socket (Unit).
* Feed stepping motor.
* Parts and diagram list.
* Much more!

36 page Service manual plus an 18 page parts list.

This is a Service manual. If you need an instruction manual, please visit our shop.