Elna 7000 Sewing Machine Service-Parts Diagrams Manual



Elna 7000 Sewing Machine Service-Parts Diagrams Manual.

Examples include:
* Centering of head block.
* Needle clearance.
* Position of needle swing motor.
* Feed shaft timing.
* Adjusting bobbin winding.
* Motor belt tension.
* Hook timing.
* Height and position of feed dog.
* Upper tension and release.
* Thread escapement.
* Height and orientation of needle clamp.
* Check spring.
* Minor repairs (without dismantling of shells).
* Power supply and control circuits.
* Electrical – electronic disorders.
* Mechanical sewing disorders.
* Test program.
* Parts diagrams and lists.

54 page service manual plus parts diagrams.

This is a service manual. If you need the instruction manual, please visit our store.

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