Elna Explore 340 Sewing Machine Service Manual


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Elna Explore 340 Sewing Machine Service Manual

Manual includes:

* Removing face plate, Base cover and rear cover.
* Top tension needle bar height.
* Adjusting presser foot height and alignment.
* Adjusting needle swing.
* Needle to hook timing.
* Adjusting Clearance between Needle and Hook Point.
* Adjusting Backlash between Hook Drive Gear and Lower Shaft Gear.
* Feed Dog Height.
* Feed Balance.
* Adjusting Buttonhole Feed Balance.
* Adjusting Buttonhole Zero Feed.
* Replacing Motor and Adjusting Motor Belt Tension.
* Replacing and Adjusting Threader.

* 19 page service manual.

If you need the instruction manual, please visit our Elna manuals.

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