Pfaff 260-360 Sewing Machine Service Manual


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Pfaff 260-360 Sewing Machine Service Manual

Examples include:
* How a sewing machine works.
* Stitch length regulation.
* The sewing hook.
* Needle thread tension.
* Winding the bobbin.
* Dropping the feed dog.
* Needle and thread chart.
* Zigzag sewing.
* Lighting system.
* Mounting the sewing head.
* Cleaning and oiling.
* The upper drive belt sprocket.
* Timing the sewing hook.
* Automatic embroidery mechanism.
* Setting the needle bar.
* Adjusting the bobbin winder.
* Troubleshooting.
* Much more!

88 page manual.

This is a service manual. We also carry the instruction manual in our store.

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