Singer Sewing Machine Workbook School Models


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This workbook is designed to teach basic and advanced sewing techniques that you can achieve with your sewing machine.

You will need your manual to provide the exact settings for your particular machine model.

Here are some of the covered items:

Straight Stitching
Straight Stitch for Topstitching
Create Quilted Fabric
Speed Basting
Making Piping
Attaching Purchased Piping
Centered Zippers
Satin Stitch Applique
Lace Insertion
Couching a Strand of Pearls
Button Sewing
Four-Step Buttonholes
Four-Step Corded Buttonholes
Free-Motion Monogramming
Free-Motion Embroidery
Blind Hem
Attaching Beaded Trims
Mending with Multi-Stitch Zigzag
Crazy Quilting
Straight Stretch Stitch for Woven Fabrics
Straight Stretch Stitch for Stretch Fabrics
Ribbing Application
Overedge Stitching
Open Seams with Overedge Stitching
Attaching Elastic
Sewing with a Wing Needle
Twin Needle Sewing

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